CLA-I Introduction to Law and the Auxiliary (obsolete)

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The intent of this course is to cover the basics of the history/purpose of the Sheriff's office, property rights under the Constitution, our role as an auxiliary, and the legal issues surrounding intervention in situations we may face (i.e.: consent to treatment for first aid situations, MO law on intervention to prevent a violent felony, fcc regulations governing radio use in an emergency). It shall also cover the differences inherenent in the roles we may play (deputized, acting as a volunteer, acting in personal capacity). We will look at some historical cases where things may have been done right and some where they were done wrong and discuss them.
Passing shall (eventually) require a multiple choice test and one or more short essay questions. This page and its subpages will grow into a course outline and study guide. Because this course is taken at different depths for NCOs and officers, the outline will need to be developed with that in mind.