The Staff of the Lawrence County Sheriff's Office is currently comprised of:
Commander - commander AT lcmoauxiliary DOT org
Major Eric Vought
Executive Officer (Operations Chief S3) xo AT lcmoauxiliary DOT org
Captain Jason Haymes 
Acting Chief of Staff (Logistics Chief S5) chiefofstaff AT lcmoauxiliary DOT org
Sergeant Major Susan Durbin
Quartermaster (S4) quartermaster AT lcmoauxiliary DOT org
Lieutenant Cathleen Vought
Chief Medical Officer
Lieutenant J. G.Kendel Klein, M.D.
Finance Clerk (S8)
Sergeant Susan Drollinger
Communications (S6)
Lieutenant J.G. Jeffrey Repert
Inside Counsel
Lieutenant J.G Mary Clapp, Esquire
Command Sergeant Major (Senior NCO)
Sergeant Major Susan Durbin
Unit Chaplain
Lieutenant, J.G. and Pastor Brian Moomey