Securing and Disabling Weapons Practical

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This document will contain the beginnings of the notes and references for the Securing and Disabling Weapons Practical, one of the tactical training courses required for all Auxiliary volunteers. The objectives for the course are defined as:
"Securing and Disabling Weapons Practical
A 2-3 hour hands-on course covering safe-handling, securing, disabling, or destroying a variety of firearms. Course covers the basic working mechanisms of different classes of firearms, how to safety-check and disassemble common types, how to safely secure (e.g. using bolt locks correctly), how to remove critical working parts to disable (e.g. remove bolt and lock up separately), and if necessary, how to quickly and permanently destroy firearms which must be left unsecured. Hands-on component gives students practice in securing and disassembling firearms."
The course attempts to cover in a reasonable amount of time a representative selection of firearms which may be encountered. Most firerarms will be based on one of these categories and will have similar mechanisms. Firearms Covered: