The Lawrence County Sheriff's Auxiliary is a volunteer organization serving under the Lawrence County Sheriff's Office. We are not law enforcement (except in the sole instance that some of our members may be deputized by the Sheriff for the duration of an emergency, according to the powers and limitations of his office). The LCSA and its volunteers therefore have no special authority other than through the Office of the Sheriff and only in directly discharging lawful orders from that office. Any actions taken by volunteers absent authorization are not the responsibility of the Office of the Sheriff, of Lawrence County, or any other agent of government at any level.

This website is maintained by the Auxiliary. Unless explicitly noted otherwise, content is not approved by the Office of the Lawrence County Sheriff or any other official entity. This is not an official government website.

The LCSA is not responsible for content posted in comments or otherwise submitted by visitors to the site. We reserve the right to modify or remove objectionable, inappropriate, or illegal content. Content posted in comments or otherwise submitted by visitors to the site is the property of its author; by submitting such content, you grant a worldwide-non-exclusive license to redistribute it, including derivative works as may be necessary for the functioning of the website.

Symbols of the LCSA, including unit patches, are considered trademarks and may not be used without permission.