The Lawrence County Sheriff's Auxiliary was officially formed on 22 February 2012, its initial four officers were commissioned by Lawrence County Sheriff Brad Delay: Eric Vought, Cathleen Vought, Jason Haymes, and Krista Haymes. A draft Mission Statement and organizational document was approved.

Much of the initial work in starting the organization was undertaken by Eric Vimont of Mount Vernon in 2011 and early 2012. Eric Vimont helped organize crews of volunteers from Lawrence County through the Joplin Family Worship Center for disaster relief in the first days after the 2011 Joplin F-5 tornado. The events of Joplin lead to interest in creating a formal organization in Lawrence County to supplement the Sheriff's Office in time of emergency. Initial documents and organization were based on a prototype effort under The Statesmen For Our Constitutional Republic (Eric Vought, President), SCR-CERT. Upon the formation of the LCSA, the SCR-CERT effort was ended and The Statesmen released the maltese cross logo for this organization's use.