About Us

The Lawrence County Sheriff's Auxiliary is a volunteer company organized under the Office of the Sheriff with its officers commissioned by the Sheriff: an organization, training program, and resource pool for the county sheriff to call upon and deputize as necessary in an emergency situation. The goal of this program is to achieve the best possible emergency readiness at the least cost under difficult budgetary circumstances while minimizing reliance on outside resources and intervention. The program is an operational test of the concept which will be adjusted as needed and perhaps replicated elsewhere.
The unit motto, "Per ardua liberi," means, "Freedom through adversity." It is through difficult times and in handling crises that it is most important for us to maintain our identity and our dignity as a free people. Freedom is a gift dearly bought, maintained through service and our duty to each other.
Disclaimer: This website is maintained by the volunteer auxiliary and posted content (except where explicitly stated otherwise) is not approved by the Office of the Lawrence County Sheriff or any government agency. This is not an official government website.
Please address postal mail to:

Lawrence County Sheriff's Auxiliary

240 North Main St. Suite 10

Mount Vernon, MO 65712