Volunteer Handbook

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This handbook is the guide for all Lawrence County Sheriff's Auxiliary volunteers on basic policies and procedures. The Lawrence County Sheriff's Auxiliary Organization (Organization Document) contains information on the structure of the Auxiliary as a whole. This document is a guide for individual behavior within it, in interactions with the Sheriff's Office, and with the public. All volunteers are required to be familiar with its contents and to follow its procedures to the best of human ability at all times.
All volunteers are also responsible for identifying issues in this document and escalating problems where they do not work in practice in the field up appropriate channels in the chain of command so that they may be improved for the next time. This is a living document between assignments, but not during them. In many cases, these policies exist to protect volunteers, to protect the public, to protect the office of the Sheriff, and to protect the Auxiliary. When we make mistakes, it can jeopardize the very concept of local volunteers under law enforcement for many years in addition to whatever the in-the-moment cost may be.
Everyone needs to do their part to make sure we do our job according to our best understanding of the rules at all times.
Some parts of this Handbook are still in draft. It is the duty and privilege of the folks who step up to the plate at the beginning to make their best attempt at laying a firm foundation so others can build on it. It is also their duty to suffer through the initial revisions as sections are written, improved, and finally approved by the Sheriff...