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The philosophy of the Auxiliary is to field an elite all-volunteer company capable of demonstrating leadership in the community in or out of an emergency. We are not "law-enforcement lite" but a special purpose unit with its own skills, mission, and unit cohesion patterned after the elite Zouave volunteer companies of old but with a mission appropriate to a modern rural county. We are also not 'military lite,' are here to serve our neighbors and reach proudly to older traditions and courtesies often now forgotten. These traditions are represented in our standard so that we will remember them: the service of the Knights Hospitalier whose mission was to demonstate their faith by healing the sick and protecting the innocent of all origins and beliefs; the service of Saint Martin of the Fields, a knight of high station who gave of himself personally and directly to help those in need. We endeavor to act with respect to ourselves, respect to our leaders, and respect to those we serve, challenging each other to be better men and women on and off duty.