Terms of Service, Liability, Confidentially

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Our volunteers serve at the pleasure of the Office of the Sheriff. Although we are not employees of the Sheriff or of the County, we must follow all rules, regulations, verbal and written instructions of our superiors within the Auxiliary, the Office of the Sheriff, and of the County subject to our oath of service. In accordance with principles of equal opportunity, we do not discriminate by race, color, sex, or creed, however: willingness to serve the community without prejudice, work within the structure and authority of the Sheriff's office, and meet the code of conduct required is a primary condition of our service.
Volunteer service through the Auxiliary creates no promise or expectation of future employment under the Sheriff or any other level of government. We have no property right or interest in our volunteer service and termination may not be a cause for suit on a claim of such right or interest.
Each volunteer has a direct and personnal responsibility for determining the legality and morality of their service, the safety of their person, and the safety of their work environment. Given any concern or restraints in these respects, it is the responsibility of the volunteer to attempt corrective action through appropriate channels in the chain of command, to refuse to perform a potentialy immoral, illegal, or unwarrantably dangerous action, or, if necessary, terminate their service. Disaster response is inherently dangerous and will expose volunteers to moral quandaries. Each volunteer must determine their level of comfort for themselves and the trade-offs they are willing to make to provide personal service to others. Each volunteer must sign a waiver of liability before participation in any Auxiliary activities.
Confidentiality: Volunteers shall respect the confidentiality of all information observed or learned through work with the Sheriff's Auxiliary, the Sheriff's Office, or any other government, NGO, or private-sector entity through their Auxiliary service. Any information contained in the records or received by personal communication shall not be divulged by the Volunteer outside the context of a Volunteer's duty.