ID Cards

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You will be issued LCS Auxiliary ID cards by the County. Once your paperwork is in order, you will be given a form to take to the County Emergency Management Agency and an ID will be made.
You will carry your ID at all times while on assignment. You should carry it at all times, period, in case you are called up suddenly. You shall wear your ID visibly while on assignment in the Sheriff's office, EOC, field camp, shelter, any controlled-access area, when conducting response operations in public (e.g., knocking on doors) and so forth, on a neck lanyard, badge holder or other appropriate manner.
If your badge is lost, it must be reported immediately. The county will charge us for replacements. If yours was washed away while saving a bus-load of school-children from a flash flood, we might pass the hat to cover the fee; otherwise, you will be responsible for it.
You shall not use or display the ID in the following circumstances:

  • As a second form of identification.
  • To identify your association with the Sheriff's Office or the county when not engaged in an officially sanctioned function or event.
  • While engaged in any contact with law enforcement personnel or entity outside your official capacity.
  • To clear ice or snow off your windshield.