August 2013

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Getting Your GMRS License

You can use the Midland GXT-1000 radios we recommend or any hybrid FRS/GMRS radio on half of its available channels at low power without a license. If you want to (legally) use its full capability or if you purchase a programmable UHF radio like the WOUXUN KGU-V6D, you will also want to get your General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS) license from the FCC. You are not permitted to use the WOUXUN on GMRS without a license. One GMRS license is good for your entire family: your spouse, children, and parents can all use your license.


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Bulk Radio Handset Order Has Arrived

The bulk order of radio handsets (or at least the first set of radios for the community purchasers) have arrived! Some of you may even have gotten yours by now and may be wondering what in the heck to do with them. This post will start to answer that question and we (the local emergency response community) will provide (free) classes in the near future to get you further down the road (keep reading).