CCW, Portable Radio, CERT, CERT Train-the-Trainer, and Disaster POD Upcoming Classes (Updated 1 Time)

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We have a number of training opportunities upcoming, including a CCW class, local CERT Training, the Portable Radio Fundamentals, CERT Train-the-Trainer, and Disaster POD training. Read on for details.
Updated 6 Nov: filled in details on 2-way radio training.
The Miller Hardware Store (Hunt's True Value) is organizing a Concealed Carry (CCW) class. They are taking a list of interested persons and as soon as they get enough people, they will schedule the class and trainer. Please contact the store to sign up or for more information. The CCW class consists of both classroom time and a shooting range practical test (generally all in one day). Passing the course will give you a training certificate which you then take to the Sheriff's Office so that you can complete the CCW application and undergo your background check. A CCW is one of the requirements for participation in the Sheriff's Auxiliary.
The local Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) is offering a CERT training course, another Sheriff's Auxiliary requirement, November 10 from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 PM and Sunday, November 11 from 1:00 PM - 6:00 PM. Generally speaking, the second day of the training often completes ahead of schedule. If interested, contact Liz Elsey through the LC CERT website. The CERT classes tend to be full, so please reserve your slot ahead of time. The CERT site contains application forms which should be printed and filled out in advance.
CERT Train-the-Trainer
The local CERT Coordinator is attempting to arrange a CERT Train-the-Trainer course in the state in order to qualify new instructors. This is dependent on us showing enough people committed to taking the course and, given that committment, it may be possible to run the course locally. The Train-the-Trainer course mostly focuses on techniques for teaching the course itself rather than on the CERT material. Right now, CERT membership is expanding and there are more people interested than the qualified instructors can cover (especially as Barry County is discussing starting its own program). More qualified instructors will be needed to keep up with demand.
Disaster POD (Point-of-Distribution) Training
In a similar fashion, there is discussion of hosting Disaster POD training in the local area if there is sufficient commitment. Point-of-Distribution or POD training is instruction in how to distribute supplies from a National Inventory disaster supply container. The National Inventory contains large numbers of PODs for disaster or mass health incident situations which are flown to where they are needed. People at the disaster site must be trained in how to use and distribute the supplies (including such skills as how to administer a vaccine). Contact the CERT coordinator.
CERT(*) Portable Radio Fundamentals
We are teaching the first run of a CERT Portable Radio Fundamentals Course in this area on 17 November 10:00-15:00 at First Baptist Church in Mount Vernon. This course shall satisfy the Auxiliary radio training requirement for volunteers who do not have an Amateur Radio License and ARES membership. It will provide the basics on how to use a commodity 2-way radio (FRS/GMRS) and how to use them for coordination of small emergency response teams and would also be useful for CERT teams, Neighborhood Watches, School emergency personnel, church disaster volunteers and so forth.  (*)This course has not been approved by the Lawrence County CERT organization; It was written for Fairfax County, VA CERT as an add-on to the standard CERT training and is being taught here with permission.
We will be hosting one or more of these courses locally in the next several months, however, we are also willing to offer classes to large groups, such as Neighborhood Watches, schools, businesses, and churches who can fill a class by themselves. Classes will be offered for free, although we would appreciate donations to cover equipment and supply costs. If interested in taking classes, in providing a venue, or providing radio equipment, please contact us.


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