Thank You To Miller True Value (Hunt's Hardware and Guns)

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The Sheriff's Auxiliary would like to thank the Miller True Value (Hunt's Hardware and Guns) for helping the Auxiliary and for promoting community training in general. In the past year, Hunt's has:

  • organized CCW classes (taught by Canovi and Associates from Springfield and attended by several of our recruits),
  • helped the Sheriff's Auxiliary with the bulk purchase of Public Service band radios, and
  • just recently provided equipment and an instructor for our Securing and Disabling Weapons Practical.

Hunt's Hardware is a valuable member of the community, not just for its eclectic collection of products (Where else can you find mantels for Alladin kerosene lamps? bee-keeping equipment? competent gun-smiths? materials for reconditioning batteries?) but because they are consistently involved in the community.


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