Aurora Hamfest 2012

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This is an annual amateur radio gathering in Aurora, Missouri which falls on Saturday 14 April. As discussed at our business meeting of 12 April, they will be conducting licensing tests at 10 am and this is a good opportunity to get your HAM Novice license as well as to meet local ARES volunteers and potentially, perform outreach for the Auxiliary. ARES, the Amateur Radio Emergency Service, is the backbone for emergency communications in Missouri; working with amateur operators is critical to our mission.

I (Eric Vought), intend to be there walking around for part of the day, as will Brian Hull, and will sit for my exam in the morning. After I have taken my exam, I would be happy to pass the study guide around the group for others to use. Information on the study guide as well as links tor online resources for the licensing test (e.g. sample tests) are on the ARRL site.

[The HAM radio license is neither necessary nor sufficient for Officers/Enlisted radio training requirements but is an encouraged elective. The ARRL guide and test ensures a broad grounding in the principles of radio operation as well as the specific requirements for using Amateur radio bands and equipment. Our basic 2-way radio course shall cover using short-range 2-way radios, LCSA and LC Sheriff-specific procedures, as well as how to work with the licensed HAM operators and ARES volunteers serving our group.]


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