Help Wanted: LED road flares for traffic-control, safety marking

The Sheriff's Auxiliary is attempting to procure a supply of rechargeable LED road flares for traffic control and safety marking. In particular, we wish to eliminate the use of perchlorate flares which can be dangerous, especially in cases where flammable gases might be a hazard. The vendor, Aervoe Industries, Inc., has generously provided us with several units to evaluate and we are purchasing a 4-unit kit out of current funds. We will need several more kits (24-48 flares) to have enough to spread out among the vehicles of some of our staff and have enough in the Quartermaster's stores for a significant deployment. Please donate or provide funds to help us meet this need.
The evaluation units provided by the vendor have met or exceeded all of our expectations. They are solidly built and a great deal of thought has been put into their charging and storage systems. They are bright enough to replace chemical flares, have multiple flash patterns, can be placed on flat surfaces or magnetic mounted. They can be left plugged in permanently to ensure constant charge without damaging the batteries. We would highly recommend this product for any individual who typically keeps chemical flares in their car or trunk.