Sheriff's Auxiliary participation in Law Enforcement Academy

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The Lawrence County Sheriff's Office will be hosting a Law Enforcement Academy running between now and July of 2015. Sheriff's Auxiliary volunteers will be participating directly in some of the instruction alongside future deputies in order to learn more about how the Sheriff's Office functions and in order to pick up skills relevant to our mission. As the academies are not hosted in Mount Vernon every year, this is an unusual opportunity for us to access this training.

If you are a volunteer or an approved applicant, you will start receiving information via email and D4H on what classes are available and what it is recommended to take. Volunteers must be approved by the Sheriff for specific classes before attending. The first classes which will be available to us will start in mid-September and will be scattered over the entire academy.

The Auxiliary will also be participating in the practical exercises at the end of the academy (next summer) as an opportunity to work alongside deputies in a field simulation, although our exact role has not yet been defined.


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