Updated Ebola Community Brief and Dallas

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The Ebola Community Brief (from the 2 September presentation in Monett) has been updated today to reflect:

  • the Dallas case 0
  • current suspected cases (1 in Dallas, 1 in DC, 1 in Hawaii (not likely), 2 cases which have been cleared in Kentucky not included)
  • the end of the outbreaks in Nigeria and Senegal
  • updated case and death counts as of 2 October
  • Experimental use of lamuvidine in Ebola treatment
  • updated source links

Slides are available for download on Scribd. If downloaded as an ODP, it will contain speaker notes (and source links). The PDF does not contain notes.

Of particular note to the Sheriff's Auxiliary in the Dallas incident is the experience of the five Dallas County deputies who had to escort a health official to deliver the paperwork for the court ordered quarantine. The situation dramatically underscores the need for law enforcement to have training in infectious disease, at least to the point of adequately protecting themselves and, by extension, their families. All three deputies are now on leave.


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