Thank You To Mount Vernon Chamber of Commerce and Mid-Missouri Bank

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The current offering of the Sheriff's Auxiliary's Tactical Medical Training will be almost-entirely funded by a generous donation from the Mount Vernon Chamber of Commerce as a thank-you for our Apple Butter Makin' Days Deployment. The remainder of the class is being covered by a contribution from Mid-Missouri Bank and the families of volunteers. This offering of the class will train 10 volunteers in medical response to traumatic injuries such as might result from violence, traffic accident, or natural disaster and to do so under unfavorable conditions where the scene may not be safe for paramedics to enter and it is not possible to immediately evacuate the casualty.

This elective training will allow volunteers to care for injuries which occur while deployed forward alongside the law enforcement officers with which we serve and will add to the First Aid/CPR/AED, and Disaster Medical Operations (including triage) training our volunteers are already required to have. Our goal has been to have from one-quarter to one-half of our volunteers certified in more advanced emergency medical training in order to ensure that those skills were available as part of every team or deployment. This offering is the result of two years spent defining, developing, and provisioning that training and at the end of it, we will have met that requirement. These donations are a major part of being able to provide that emergency capability within the community.

This Tactical Medical Training course has been developed as a custom curriculum for the Lawrence County Sheriff's Auxiliary and, with our organization as the test subject, is hoped to develop into a wider curriculum for area emergency responders (volunteer or professional) working in or alongside law enforcement.


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