ISIS/Extremism Community Briefing(s)

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The Sheriff's Auxiliary will be giving a community briefing on the potential threat from ISIS and Muslim Extremism. The briefing will consist of a talk, a question-and-answer session, and additional materials for further reading/viewing. The official announcement is on our Facebook page .

This main talk is scheduled for the evening of 25 January. We have also been directed to do at least one briefing to selected audiences before 25 January to reach parts of the community that have a particular role in Suspicious Activity Reporting. Area businesses, for instance, have special concerns about security and are well-placed to see potential criminal activity (such as suspicious purchases). Within reason, we may be able to do several such briefings to different audiences, likely starting the first or second week of January. We can then incorporate questions and concerns into the larger presentation and repeat the briefing periodically as new information becomes available.

As noted in the announcement, some recent incidents in Missouri are unsettling, The public has expressed quite reasonable uncertainty and concern. Our goal is to provide information so that the people can make informed decisions for keeping our families and community safe.


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