Class: Constitution, Law, and the Auxiliary I, 22 May Mount Vernon

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We will be teaching the Constitution, Law, and the Auxiliary (CLA-I) course on the evening of 22 May at the Mount Vernon Library, starting at 18:00 (6pm). It is a 3-hour course which shall meet the requirements of NCOs in the Auxiliary. Officers are also required to take the Constituion, Law, and the Auxiliary II course. The class is intended for volunteers but is open (and free) to the public and can be applied if you decide to volunteer in the future. There will be a short test at the end which is required for credit.

The course is free. We have not yet received an official statement of whether we will be able to accept donations for the library class. This course shall be run periodically, along with other required and elective courses for the Auxiliary.


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