Communications Directories

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Lawrence County emergency communications information and links to Directories for Missouri repeaters and comm frequencies. Current hard copies of these shall be maintained by the unit Comm Section and should be maintained by unit communications volunteers as well.

Amateur Radio Directories

  • ARRL Amateur Radio Band Plan - Mode and frequency allocations for amateur radio bands.
  • 2012-2013 ARRL Repeater Directory (dead tree format)
  • Missouri 2-meter Repeater Directory
  • Missouri SKYWarn 2-meter Repeaters
  • ArtsSciPub Missouri repeater list (all bands)
  • Selected area 2-meter repeaters - There are few repeaters in Lawrence County itself (OARS being an important exception). In a Lawrence County disaster and power outage, repeaters between Springfield and Joplin, especially those with Red Cross (ARC), autopatch, or access to law enforcement (LE) will be important for volunteers who can reach them. List should be tweaked as we figure out which repeaters are actually useful to our operations.
    • Aurora 146.970 mhz (-) W0OAR [Emergency Power|RACES] OzarkARS
    • Neosho 146.805 mhz (-) KC0FDO [Autopatch|CTCSS 127.3] Neosho RA
    • Nixa 145.270 (-) K0NXA [Emergency Power|CTCSS 162.2|crossband-linked] NARC
    • Webb City/Alba 147.270 mhz (+) KA0IPD [Emergency Power]
    • Springfield 145.430 mhz (-) KA0FKF [Emergency Power|Autopatch] SMSU ARC
    • Springfield 146.640 mhz (-) W0EBE [Emergency Power| Races|LE|CTCSS 162.2] SW MO ARC
    • Springfield 146.910 mhz (-) W0EBE [Emergency Power|LE|CTCSS 162.2] SW MO ARC
    • Joplin 147.210 mhz (+) WOIN [Emergency Power|SKYWARN/NWS] Local nets: 1800 Local Sunday & 1930 Local Monday
    • Joplin 145.350 mhz (-) NI0W [Emergency Power|Autopatch|LE] 4SARC
    • Joplin 145.390 mhz (-) N0NFY [Emergency Power|Autopatch|LE] 4 ST RPTR
    • Joplin 147.210 mhz (+) W0IN [Emergency Power] JoplinARC

GMRS (467 mhz) Repeaters


  • Joplin - 162.45 mhz
  • Steve Runnels Springfield, MO 417-863-1456; SW-Missouri SKYWARN Contact