April 2015

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Soft Airgun Procedures For Starting and Stopping Action

In exercises using soft airguns (Airsoft), all participants (players, role players, exercise staff) within the marked safety zone shall have protective gear in place while the scenario is running. Before the scenario begins, all Airsoft devices carried shall have safeties on and shall be stowed or holstered. Long arms may be aimed in a safe direction with safeties activated and Barrel Blocking Devices (BBDs, barrel socks) in place and visible.

Starting the Scenario

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Soft Airgun Equipment Calibration

This section defines the procedure for calibrating Soft Airgun/Airsoft devices at training events and exercises.

A standard chronograph designed for Airsoft or Airsoft/Paintball use shall be used to calibrate all airsoft devices brought into the event.

Each weapon brought for inspection shall either have the internal magazine or one external magazine left empty for inspection unless it is of a type such that the LCSA has compatible spare standard magazines dedicated to inspection.