Soft Airgun Equipment Calibration

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This section defines the procedure for calibrating Soft Airgun/Airsoft devices at training events and exercises.

A standard chronograph designed for Airsoft or Airsoft/Paintball use shall be used to calibrate all airsoft devices brought into the event.

Each weapon brought for inspection shall either have the internal magazine or one external magazine left empty for inspection unless it is of a type such that the LCSA has compatible spare standard magazines dedicated to inspection.

Inspection of protective equipment must occur first, and all personnel within the inspection area must wear their eye and face protection.

When the participant approaches the inspection table, they shall have the firearm safetied, and holstered or slung and pointed in a safe direction. No magazine shall be loaded and a barrel blocking device shall be visibly in place on any long arms. Inspector shall visibly inspect the Airsoft device for signs of damage or unsafe condition. If the weapon appears to be unsafe, the inspector may, by themselves or on consultation with other inspectors, refuse to calibrate a device and deny it entry to the event.

During inspection:

  1. Participant shall hand inspector the magazine to insert into the mag well.
  2. Inspector shall load the magazine with 3 .2g BBs from a designated store of calibration BBs. .2g BBs shall always be used for calibration no matter what weight the participant intends to use.
  3. Participant holds up their rifle, then inspector removes the barrel sock.
  4. Inspector holds on to the end of the barrel with one hand & another on the chronograph, guiding the barrel.
  5. Inspector instructs the shooter to take the safety off & fire three shots, one at a time.
  6. Inspector gets 3 good chronograph results, recording the average of the three.
  7. Inspector instructs the shooter to release the magazine.
  8. Participant clears the Airsoft gun with 3 dry shots.
  9. Participant switches the Airsoft gun to safety.
  10. Inspector removes any previous inspection markings on the device.
  11. If the Airsoft device qualifies for the event, inspector places inspection markings on the device according to the rules of the scenario.
  12. Inspector puts the barrel blocking device back on the barrel.

Inspector shall look for any signs of unsafe operation during inspection. If the inspector believes that the Airsoft device or the participant will not operate safely, the inspector may, by themselves or on consultation with another inspector, deny them entry to the event.

Two inspectors may work in pairs to check and calibrate armory Airsoft devices belonging to the LCSA, the Sheriff's Office, or other participating agency. Airsoft devices shall not be inspected by a single individual.

The rules of an event shall designate inspection markings for Airsoft devices. Generally, these will consist of color-code zip-ties around the barrel of the device which signify that the device has passed inspection and any range/standoff limitations based on the velocity of the BBs fired. The colors of these zip-ties shall be varied on a regular basis in order to readily determine whether a device has been inspected for that event. Inspections shall occur at each separate event or once for a related group of events (e.g. several related exercises during a one-week period). A safety officer may request and require a device to be reinspected at any time based on any suspicion of unsafe or potentially unsafe operation.

By default, Airsoft devices will be separated into those firing 0.2g BBs less than or equal to 350 fps and those firing 0.2g BBs at more than 350 fps, the latter requiring a stand-off of 15 feet or better to engage. Unless the event rules specify otherwise, a device which chronographs at less than or equal to 350 fps with 0.2g BBs may be used with BBs of a lighter weight even though this may increase the velocity of the BBs fired (as the energy of the BBs will still be limited). In other words, a device which chronographs at 220 fps with 0.2g BBs but will be used with 0.12g BBs at 400 fps will be marked in the <=350 fps category.

Placing an inspection marker on any device without authorization or willfully bypassing any safety inspection shall be a disciplinary offense in the Sheriff's Auxiliary.