Procedures For Alcohol

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Intoxicating alcoholic beverages or spiritous liquors (alcoholic beverages) may not be brought into LCSA encampments and facilities nor consumed onsite except under the following exceptions:

  1. Bona fide religious or ceremonial use (e.g. Communion, Sabbath prayers)
  2. For medicinal purposes under control of the CMO or Senior Medical Officer on site (collectively SMO)

In both cases, such alcoholic beverages shall be stored in a locked container under control of the SMO.
Alcoholic beverages required for religious purposes must be retrieved from the SMO, the SMO must understand and approve the use, and the SMO must approve participants for continued duty, with remaining beverage being returned to the locked container.
Alcoholic beverages or spirits being administered for medicinal purposes are no different from administration of any medication which may cause intoxication, decreased motor function, or impaired cognitive function; specifically, if there is a danger of intoxication, the volunteer shall be removed from active duty until cleared by a medical officer or medical professional with appropriate authority.
A volunteer shall not report for duty intoxicated and shall make every effort to not be intoxicated when called for scheduled duty. If a volunteer who has elsewhere consumed alcohol (or any intoxicating substance) reports for emergency duty, they shall voluntarily disclose this fact and be cleared for duty by appropriate authority if there is no apparent intoxication, impairment, or danger posed by the volunteer to themselves or others.
For these purposes, "intoxicating alcoholic beverages or spiritous liquors" shall specifically not include root beers, small beers, small ales (e.g. "ginger ale"), beverages such as sekanjabin or posca made from diluted sour wine or vinegar, nor any acid-rather-than-alcohol-forming fermented beverage ("soft drink") which does not legally qualify as a "hard" beverage (>0.5% alcohol by volume). Likewise, medicinal or flavoring extracts/concentrates intended for use in highly diluted form do not fall under this definition, although 1) abuse of such items shall still constitute an offense and 2) some effort shall be made to secure these items when/where abuse is a problem. Finally, denatured alcoholic products intended for fuel, disinfectant, reagent or other purposes do not fall under this definition and need not be secured for these purposes.