Procedures For Use Of Force Incident (Volunteer)

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This section defines the procedure for a volunteer who is involved in a Use of Force incident on or off duty, in or out of uniform. The definition of Use of Force includes any altercation which results or is likely to result in civil or criminal legal action and specifically includes:

  • use of less-than-deadly physical force (e.g. pepper spray or physical restraint)
  • the presentation or brandishing of a weapon whether or not it was required to use it
  • the discharge of a weapon during confrontation whether or not injury occurred
  • the actual use of deadly force

This procedure is printed on the inside back cover of the Auxiliary's ICS 214 - Activity Log booklets. It is recommended that volunteers have a copy of this booklet in their go-kits, purse, glove compartment or other location where it may be readily accessed after an on or off-duty incident. More copies of this booklet may be requested from the LCSA Quartermaster.


If involved in a Use of Force incident, notify your superior in chain-of-command ASAP. If off duty, such as a defensive shooting, do the following:

  1. Notify the appropriate law enforcement if you have not already
  2. Notify responding officer you are an LCSA member, were off-duty, and will need a Use of Force Review
  3. Request to contact your superior or LCSO, or that responding officer contact LCSO and notify Sheriff of situation
  4. Request copy of report as soon as available and ensure one is sent to LCSA/LCSO
  5. Contact your attorney. We may have a list of attorneys who are willing to work with us with use-of-force incidents

Responding officer may take weapons involved for examination. You should be able to get a receipt. The LCSA/LCSO will attempt to send an officer SAP to advise you on the review process and take a statement. You may request the services of a Chaplain at any time. If only given '1 phone call' contact your attorney and have them contact LCSO. If you don't have one, contact your superior in the LCSA or the Sheriff to inform them that you need one.


We include "physical restraint" in our list of triggers for incident review of a volunteer's actions. Physical restraint incident to arrest is usually not a trigger for Use of Force Review for Law Enforcement Officers, but, as we are not typically authorized to make arrests or restrain suspects, such actions should trigger review for non-Peace Officer volunteers.

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