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Guidelines For Volunteers On Patrol

These Guidelines are applicable to Auxiliary patrols generally, including security patrols and livestock patrols. These guidelines should be used as the basis for operations orders or as a fallback in the case of a no-notice deployment.


Patrols should always consist of at least two pairs of volunteers who will be available for mutual support. Volunteers may also be paired with law enforcement officers or other responders (e.g. CERT, Cattlemen, Missouri Militia, National Guard) if the mission requires it.

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SOP/SOG Use of Force Guidelines

The Auxiliary is now going through the process of organizing the Standard Operating Guidelines and Standard Operating Procedures which have appeared in various documents, operations orders, and trainings until this point. You will find them in the Volunteer Handbook under Standard Operating Guidelines and Procedures. What is the difference between a Guideline and a Procedure? You will find the definition on that page.


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Use of Force Guidelines

This section contains general guidelines for use of force in and out of uniform, on and off duty. Other guidelines will describe use of force considerations for specific missions and scenarios. Detailed Standard Operation Procedures (SOP) for specific cases shall also be provided in the appropriate section of this Handbook.

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