Constitution - "A Republic, if you can keep it."

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  • The origin of the Bill of Rights
    • Delegate powers to a limited government
    • States still did not trust central government; required Bill of Rights like British of 1689
    • Rights not enumerated; powers are enumerated (9th and 10th)
    • 2nd Amendment echoed right and duty of British Bill of Rights
    • RTKBA individual right, serves civic duty
    • Strong property rights reinforced, including Takings Clause
  • The Missouri Constitution and its protections
    • US Constitution guaranteed a "republican form of government"
    • Article II, Section 8 echoes RTKBA but without civic focus
    • Many other property rights issues follow US Const. BoR
    • Missouri Consitution available from Secretary of State website or bound copy from SoS
      • Very different from US Constitution, much more complex;