Henry Dunant

Our Symbols

The banner or device we use for the Lawrence County Sheriff's Auxiliary was originally created by Eric Vought in 2008 for an organization called the Statesmen For Our Constitutional Republic which had been created to explore many of the concepts of personal duty and community service which were eventually embodied in our organization. The device was carefully crafted to tie together and remind us of past examples of such service in order to guide our efforts. When the Auxiliary formed, the symbol was released for its use. The components of the banner have deep Christian and patriotic overtones, but it is primarily intended as an emblem of duty, service, and sacrifice.

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Nov 11 - Feast of St. Martin of Tours

Incidentally, today, the 11th of November, is the Feast of Saint Martin of Tours (see also Wikipedia), the Catholic Saint represented by the forked tail of our banner. St. Martin was a Roman knight born in 316 AD, who is most known for cutting his rich cloak in two to clothe a naked beggar on the road outside of Amiens.


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