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Staff Changes, Chief of Staff

As of this evening, Sergeant-Major Susan Durbin is Acting Chief-of-Staff of the Sheriff's Auxiliary as Captain Krista Haymes has gone on Non-Operational status. We will make permanent decisions regarding this position sometime after Apple Butter Makin' Days is over.

SGTMAJ Durbin has been the company Adjutant and senior NCO until today. She is therefore now in charge of the entire Personnel section. This will result in an opening in either the Adutant or Chief-of-Staff position post-October.



The Staff of the Lawrence County Sheriff's Office is currently comprised of:
Commander - commander AT lcmoauxiliary DOT org
Eric Vought
Executive Officer  xo AT lcmoauxiliary DOT org
David Moore 
Acting Chief of Staff (Logistics Chief S5) chiefofstaff AT lcmoauxiliary DOT org
Lance Powell
Quartermaster (S4) quartermaster AT lcmoauxiliary DOT org
Cathleen Vought
Chief Medical Officer
Lieutenant J. G.Kendel Klein, M.D.

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