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Volunteers As Force Multipliers in Yolanda Tragedy, Phillipines

Cathi Vought found this gem in a report of the typhoon response in the Phillipines, "The Yolanda Tragedy: 7 Lessons in Early Emergency Response". Volunteers were used by the local police to stretch their forces and keep order. The following quote is from roughly half-way through the article:


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Intelligence/Security Chief (S2)

[VersionĀ 0.1 Unapproved draft] The Intelligence and Security Chief is generally responsible for the security of the organization. Security exists when risk is managed to the most practical point that allows completion of organizational missions. All assets to include facilities, field sites, training areas, personnel, equipment, and information fall under the protection of the S2. The S2 must understand the scope of the organization's mission and the types of activities that organization will undertake to properly plan security.

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