Instructor's Checklist

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A checklist of materials required to teach this course:

  • Registration
    • Course sign-in sheet
    • Donation bucket
  • Student Packet
    • Instructor evaluation sheets for each attendee.
    • Student course handouts.
  • Instructor
    • Notes for 3-minute Introduction To the Auxiliary
    • Instructor Guide.
    • Prayer of the Volunteer
  • Information
    • LCS Auxiliary brochures
    • Info on local CER, ARES and meetings.
    • FRS/GMRSMURS FCC FAQs (for people to look at or pass, does not have to be one per attendee).
    • Communications Log Sheets.
    • ARRL Emergency Communication Handbook and License Study Guide, if available.
  • Exercise Team Leader Briefs.
  • 15-30 FRS/GMRS radios depending on attendance expectations.
    • Radios should be fully charged
    • Spare batteries (usually AAs should be available)
  • Water and snacks as appropriate.
  • Spare pens.
  • Completion certificates should be prepared after the course and mailed, delivered at next meeting, etc. as appropriate.