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A Primer on Military Structure and Courtesy for the Sheriff's Auxiliary

As a "uniformed civil service," the Sheriff's Auxiliary uses a rank structure and courtesies based closely on common military organization. The advantages of a military structure are clear lines of authority and chain of command in emergency situations, but they may not be familiary to people without a military background.


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As this is a subject which people tend to think is confusing, it gets its own section.

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Courtesy, Formality, and Command

Although this is not a military organization, the structure and hierarchy is based on a military command structure. As a volunteer organization, no one is compelled to be a part of it, everyone's skills and input are valuable, and a paycheck is not an incentive, so off-the-field, many of our activities may be relatively informal. On-the-field, however, we are an emergency response team: actions must be taken quickly, decisively, and correctly. We must move, act, and function as a team. We must obey orders from the licensed Peace Officers who are supervising us promptly.

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