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A Primer on Military Structure and Courtesy for the Sheriff's Auxiliary

As a "uniformed civil service," the Sheriff's Auxiliary uses a rank structure and courtesies based closely on common military organization. The advantages of a military structure are clear lines of authority and chain of command in emergency situations, but they may not be familiary to people without a military background.


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Officer Insignia

As with enlisted, we follow the US Army for officer's insignia, ignoring ranks we do not recognize. Our Chief Warrant Officer is equivalent to an Army CW2, our Senior Chief Warrant officer to the CW4. We do not have an equivalent to the CW3 or CW5.
For metal pin-on insignia, we prefer the "subdued" forms of insignia (black in place of silver and brown in place of bronze). Most vendors of insignia provide an option for normal or subdued colors.

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The ranks recognized by the organization, in order of seniority.
Enlisted Personnel:
Officer Ranks:
A Warrant Officer is a non-commissioned officer, usually a specialist, which acts as both the highest non-commissioned rank and the lowest commissioned rank. They may exercise command authority as an officer when leading missions in their specialty or fill staff sergeant roles such as Command Sergeant Major.

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