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The ranks recognized by the organization, in order of seniority.
Enlisted Personnel:
Officer Ranks:
A Warrant Officer is a non-commissioned officer, usually a specialist, which acts as both the highest non-commissioned rank and the lowest commissioned rank. They may exercise command authority as an officer when leading missions in their specialty or fill staff sergeant roles such as Command Sergeant Major.
A cadet is an officer-in-training, 16-years or older, must be approved by the Chief of Staff, the Sheriff's office, and have written permission and waiver from their legal guardian (except in the case of a documented Emancipated Minor). A cadet in good standing exercises the same rank in the field as a Warrant Officer (and is therefore effectively outranked by a Chief Warrant Officer).

  • Private (E-1, OR-1) PVT
  • Non-Commissioned Officer Ranks:
    • Corporal (E-4, OR-4) CPL
    • Sergeant
      • Sergeant (E-6, OR-6) SGT
      • Master Sergeant (E-8, OR-8) MSG
      • Sergeant Major (E-9, OR-9) SGM
    • Warrant Officer
      • Warrant Officer WO (WO-1)
      • Chief Warrant Officer CWO (“Chief” WO-2)
      • Senior Chief Warrant Officer SWO (“Senior Chief” WO-4)
    • (Officer Cadet)
    • Lieutenant Junior Grade (LT JG)
    • Lieutenant Senior Grade (LT SG)
    • Captain
    • Major - Highest rank in the Auxiliary
    • Lt. Colonel - Deputy treated as if LTC
    • Colonel - Sheriff treated as if COL