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Officers in the Auxiliary shall be commissioned by the Sheriff and juried in by their peers. What this means in practical terms is an existing officer (and members of the Sheriff's Office count as “officers” for this purpose) must sponsor someone for inclusion and the current staff must then accept them. The Chief of Staff, in conjunction with the Adjutant and Security officer shall ensure their qualifications, compile a list of candidate officers or officers who are candidates for promotion, and submit them to the Sheriff or the Sheriff's designee. The Sheriff then signs off on the recommendation. Finally, the officers take the oath of service and receive their official commission.
Officers must also comply with a code-of-conduct. The behavior of the unit's officers reflects directly on the unit and on the Office of the Sheriff. The code-of-conduct shall ensure that those serving in a leadership capacity comport themselves with dignity and decorum which will reflect well on the whole, by forbidden such behaviors as public drunkenness while encouraging members of the unit to help and challenge each other to excel. Officers are expected to be role models and exemplary members of the community.