Steering Group

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Although the initial formation of the unit is top-down and hierarchal, the goal will be to transition many aspects of its off-the-field organization to a deliberative body consisting of officers, active volunteers, and representatives from the community at large. Organization during deployment and active duty shall continue to be a command-structure, but long-term planning shall be conducted by the steering group once it is constituted.

Board of Directors:
The first step in establishing a steering group shall be filing as a non-profit organization and creating a Board of Directors (BoD or "Board"). The Board shall consist of at least four and at most seven Directors, with five being the initial complement. The Directors shall be required to include:

  • A representative of the Sheriff's Office
  • Two current or past officers in good standing
  • A representative of the community at large, preferably a local business owner, community leader, or prominent member of the volunteer community outside of the Auxiliary

The initial complement of the Board shall be determined by agreement between the Sheriff and the Auxiliary Command Staff. The non-profit organization charter shall specify procedures for electing/appointing future Board members and for required and special meetings of the Board. The purpose of the BoD shall be to perform long-term planning, to develop the overall capabilities of the Auxiliary, to create relationships with other community groups, to obtain equipment and funding, and to generally advocate for the Auxiliary within the community.

For the first several years of the Auxiliary's existence, the Board of Directors shall likely be a sufficient "deliberative body" to determine its course and advocate for it within the community, with the Command Staff retaining control of day-to-day operations. One of the tasks of the BoD shall be to begin formation of a larger deliberative body of current and former volunteers to provide organizational direction, but it shall not be required to do so until the start of 2014 or until there are more than a total of 100 current and former officers and non-coms, whichever comes later.