Unit Chaplain

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The Unit Chaplain reports to the Chief of Staff. The Chaplain(s) are responsible for the spiritual well-being of the Auxiliary volunteers, the members of the Sheriff's Office as a whole, and their families. The Unit Chaplain supervises and trains Chaplains and Chaplain Assistants. The LCSA Unit Chaplain and subordinates may act on behalf of the public at large and minister to victims or victims families (or those accused), but primary responsibility is to the unit and to the Sheriff's Office.


The role of an LCSA Chaplain mirrors that of a US military chaplain as outlined at http://www.militaryonesource.mil/phases-military-leadership?content_id=269246 , but some points will be emphasized/clarified here.


  • Chaplains operate in a pluralistic setting. Chaplains may serve people who are not of their denomination or faith group. Some of those served may be agnostic, indifferent or even antagonistic to religious faith. Chaplains must maintain and be true to their own faith and moral compass while serving the needs of all. Ability to maintain this delicate balance is a critical selection factor for LCSA Chaplains.
  • When a Chaplain is present, they shall perform the invocation at Auxiliary meetings and events.
  • Responsibility for weekly religious services and other ceremonies shall primarily be when the Auxiliary or the Sheriff's Office is deployed in the field. Ensuring that volunteers have access to religious and spiritual services when deployed is a critical function.
  • The Unit Chaplain, as a member of the Commander's staff, is responsible for advising the Commander and, on request, the Lawrence County Sheriff, on all moral, ethical, spiritual, and religious issues.
  • The Chaplain "goes where the unit goes" and must be prepared to minister in all imaginable circumstances.


Reporting Requirements:


The Unit Chaplain reports to the Chief of Staff.


Each quarter, the Unit Chaplain shall submit a report to command staff summarizing the current number and status of Chaplains and Chaplain's assistants, and of overall activities occurring under under their authority. The Unit Chaplain shall coordinate with the Quartermaster to ensure that any unit property currently under the care of their office is properly inventoried and accounted for.