Chief of Staff (S5)

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The Chief of Staff organizes all of the staff functions of the unit, consolidates daily operations and reporting, coordinating with their counterpart in the Sheriff's staff. The Chief of Staff may appoint an Adjutant to handle personnel matters (S-1). If an Adjutant is appointed, they act as a clerk and all responsibility still rests with the Chief of Staff.
The Chief of Staff reports to the XO on most matters and to the Commander on major issues and periodic reports. The Chief of Staff prepares quarterly reports for the Sheriff to be signed off on by the Commander. The Chief of Staff prepares requests for the Sheriff on the commissioning or promotion of officers, and approves enlisted staff appointments by the Senior NCO.
The Chief of Staff shall develop and maintain standards of training and qualification for the organization upon consultation with appropriate staff and officials, to be approved by the Commandant and the Sheriff. The Chief of Staff maintains the unit roster, duty list, calendar of events, and personnel records, including current credentials and identity documents, however, the S2 shall be directly responsible for unit identification, accounts, and passwords.
Reporting Requirements:
The Chief of Staff:

  • shall submit quarterly reports containing activity summaries for events, exercises, and incidents.
  • shall coordinate with the Adjutant and/or Command Sergeant Major to submit quarterly reports on personnel matters, including an updated roster, volunteer qualifications, and progress towards qualification targets.
  • shall endorse and forward the quarterly reports of the staff sections, including:
    • inventory and any report submitted by the Quartermaster.
    • Communications
    • Intelligence/Security
    • Chief Medical Officer