Chief Medical Officer

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The Chief Medical Officer or CMO is the top-level authority in the LCSA on medical matters and has several areas of responsibility:

  1. Develop standards and procedures within the Auxiliary related to medical matters, including standards of medical/first aid equipment, first aid training, and record keeping;
  2. Take responsibility for medical/first aid supplies/equipment belonging to the Auxiliary; coordinate with the Quartermaster on inventory and procurement;
  3. Maintain and secure Auxiliary medical records (such as volunteers In Case of Emergency (ICE) information) and ensure correct handling of medical information for victims;
  4. In the field, the CMO is responsible for control and dispensation of medical equipment and supplies;
  5. The CMO is the final authority on questions of medical fitness for duty, safety, and other matters within his/her expertise;
  6. Direct first aid and medical operations of the Auxiliary in the field;

In the absence of the CMO, the Ranking Medical Officer (RMO) on-site holds the corresponding authority. The CMO or RMO's authority is absolute within their expertise. The CMO may delegate their authority and responsibilities to such assistants as may be necessary or practical, in cooperation with the Chief of Staff and the CSM.
Reporting Requirements:
The CMO:

  • Shall submit a quarterly report to command staff summarizing activities related to medical operations. Such report shall include:
    • A summary of volunteer first aid qualifications and progress toward training targets.
    • An audit of ICE (In-Case-Of-Emergency) information for volunteers. (Do we have emergency contact information for everyone?)
  • Shall coordinate with the Quartermaster to ensure that medical stores under control of the CMO have been inventoried for the quarterly report
  • Shall annually ensure that any necessary paperwork for duty limits due to medical conditions is appropriately filed for all volunteers.