Quartermaster (S4)

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The quartermaster manages property, equipment, consumables, and finances of the Auxiliary. The Quartermaster is responsible for periodic inventories, tracking loaned or issued equipment, and ensuring that stores are replenished given appropriate funds.
Specialized equipment is managed by the appropriate staff officer but audited by the Quartermaster. For example, medical supplies are managed by the Chief Medical Officer who reports inventories to the Quartermaster and cooperates with periodic audits. Similarly, any weapons (real or simulated), ammunition, range equipment, and so forth are managed by the Master of Arms but reported to the Quartermaster.
The Quartermaster shall designate NCOs qualified to be facilities managers for maintaining field headquarters, event/training sites, LCSA-operated shelters and facilities, shall work with the Command Sergeant Major to recommend candidates, develop qualifications and training for these positions.
Reporting Requirements:
The Quartermaster:

  • shall submit a quarterly inventory of all assets of the Sheriff's Auxiliary under the authority of the Quartermaster to the Chief of Staff, including
    • an accounting of any assets assigned to volunteers or outside organizations
    • coordinating with staff sections (e.g. CMO, Communications, Intelligence/Security) to ensure that assets under care of that section are inventoried and periodically audited. 
  • shall endorse and forward the report of the Finance Clerk to the Chief of Staff
  • shall create equipment test/maintenance schedules, delegate execution and ensure periodic reporting/assessment.