Commander's Mast, Administrative Punishment, cf 40.043

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As noted in RsMO 40.043, the accused may elect to submit themselves to discipline "before the mast", to be judged administratively by their commanding officer. The Commander's Mast will consider the accusation, hear the accused, solicit testimony of those on hand, and determine appropriate action. Also as noted in the Missouri and Federal UCMJ, administrative punishment does not preclude the possibility of formal process and punishment at a later date or administrative discharge by the Sheriff's Office, but willingness to submit to administrative discipline and completion of punishment imposed shall be taken into consideration in any later formal action.

Temporary Suspension: For (alleged) violations which prejudice the honor of the service, or which potentially impugn the trust of the volunteer such that they may not be permitted to perform their duties until the matter is resolved, the volunteer may, at the discretion of the commanding officer (or the Sheriff), be temporarily suspended until this administrative hearing can be held and a decision reached. This delay shall not normally be longer than the time to the next regularly scheduled meeting. Such suspension may be considered as time served if suspension is later imposed as punishment.

Ideally, most Auxiliary disciplinary matters which rise or may rise above admonition or reprimand should be handled before the mast, with court-martials only being convened for rare complicated issues where fair action is not clear or where culpability cannot readily be determined.